planet roundabout

planet2aMy first attempt at a little planet shot with my Nikon D800 and 60mm lens. 142 images total went into stitching this together. This is a proof of concept – as you can see the flare in the lens to the right hand side. I’ll control for that in future

Elephant Teapot

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planet newtown

planet-newtownIt’s often said of newtown residents, their horizons coincide with the suburb’s borders. Taking the new little planet software for a run.

railway pedestrian tunnel stairway

new_stairsWhen it comes to panoramas, this is my masterwork so far.

The other end of the Enmore tunnel, it’s a pair of staircases, perpendicular to the tunnel itself, and is the very reason I got into panoramic imagery – to hunt down these filthy run down inner city locations, and find the beauty of their geometry. I’m going to get back into it in a big way in the near future hopefully.