Left Hand

Created for the We Love Art fundraiser exhibition for St Vincent’s Hospital’s Xavier Art Space. All works were sold unattributed for a flat rate of $250, raising over $10,000 for the refurbishment of the art display facilities.


  • Medication vials, engine coolant, mirrored shower glass, ink.
  • Dimensions l,w,h: 31, 2.5, 36cm.
  • In private collection.


An attempt to capture the aesthetic of Bonsai, but using industrial / technological materials. It’s almost like some sort of weird cybernetic tubeworm colony.

Stainless braid for this work was courtesy of Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd.


  • Raw steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, computer circuit boards.
  • Dimensions h,w,d: 59, 70, 32 cm.
  • Artist’s collection.


A creature made of umbrella spars, wire, coin-bank, video camera and knives. The camera functions, and has night vision.

Click to see Quicktime VR object.

Welded Metal 2

This is my second attempt at welded metal sculpture. It was built out of scrap, and a length of bent rod.

Quicktime is required to see this.

bronze 02

An ephemeral figure in copper wire rising from a cast bronze base featuring the husk of a body laying face down in front of a chair.

Dimensions h,w,d (approx): 50, 40, 20cm


This is a first year college piece modelled from a lifemodel.

It is constructed of steel and ethernet cable in continuous lengths from foot to foot.

Dimensions h,w,d: 100, 55, 20cm